Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lens Fittings and Evaluations

  • Dr. Ortiz can help fit you into the best contact lenses to meet your needs. At our office we have a variety of different brands with trial lenses available so that you may test the lenses out at home and in your normal working environment.

  • Many of our patients in this area experience some eye discomfort due to seasonal allergies. We use several different brands of daily disposable contact lenses to help alleviate that discomfort while still allowing you the option of clear, crisp vision without wearing glasses.

  • We are also excited to offer several multifocal contact lenses for our patients that require reading glasses. While they are not the right solution for everybody, a lot of people are able to wear them successfully and enjoy the benefits of not having to carry around several pairs of reading glasses.

  • There is no minimum age requirement for wearing contact lenses. There are many children that wear them safely and successfully. The most important thing in learning to wear contact lenses is respecting them as the medical devices they are. It is important to replace them on a regular schedule and follow all lens care instructions given to you by Dr. Ortiz and the staff.

  • When you are ready to order your contact lenses, you may do so in person, by phone, or via an email request. When your lenses arrive we will be happy to mail them to you, if that is more convenient for you than picking them up in person.
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